​-Ronald Reagan


"Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives."

Candidate Dustin Trotter

Santee City Council 2020

The big question so why am I running?

The short answer – because I love my city, was born and raised here and want to give back.

I’m not a career politician, I don’t plan on running for higher office. I’ve spent the better part of my life in Santee, I'm raising my two kids here, and plan on staying here. We need to elect people who understand our unique issues and are tied to the community for years to come.

I am that person. Our city's mission statement is built upon 3 principal values: economic prosperity, safety, and social well being. I will work to have a business friendly environment where we cut red tape and get government out of the way of small business. I will work for our infrastructure to be kept up, improving public transportation and putting dollars into the crumbling streets. And I will work to make the city a better place, encouraging open space and parks and completing our community center.

I’m a Santee native and small business owner who started working from a very young age. I remember finishing school and jumping on the bus to go to my dad’s pizza parlor to work at age 13.

I started working two jobs at 16 and have never looked back. My current business, TDT Construction – is up off Wheatlands Ct, we do general contracting work around the county.

Through the years I quickly understood what it takes to work hard, have integrity, honesty and loyalty. Traits that have served me well in the past and continue to serve me well today.  And if you allow me, traits that I believe will serve you well at city hall.

 I can win this. I know what it takes to succeed. I am putting together a dynamite team. We are starting early and with your support and donations we are off and running.

We have a path to victory, we have the message and we have the numbers – we just need the resources to get that message out